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Patio Covers Provide A Protection From The Elements

When you think of patio covers and awnings, what do you see? Do you imagine something heavy and unattractive like a retractable, fixed canopy that goes up by the side of your house? Or would you rather have a canvas type of patio cover that is pulled back by a string and leaves your house open to the sky? The decision is really up to you and depends on how much protection you need for your property.

Types of Patio Covers Patio cover materials come in many different styles and colors. There are pergolas, which are really only large stone structures with the roof being made of metal and are used for extra protection from wind and rain. Other patio covers are made out of wood and feature lattice work between the rafters. These types of pergolas will allow for open airflow through the room, but will not provide much shade or protection against the sun. Another popular option is retractable patio covers, which use fabric panels that are attached to a stationary framework and are then sliced and rolled up to protect the patio from rain, sun and snow. Pergolas are another great choice when it comes to making a house more attractive and functional.

Types of Patio Covers Retractable and sliding canopies are commonly used when it comes to creating privacy and shelter from the elements. They can also provide the added benefit of ventilation and are usually very lightweight, allowing you to easily move them around for different outdoor spaces. Some people prefer the look of a pergola over a retractable canopy and will use one in addition to a retractable or fixed canopy. Another popular option is to use a combination of a fixed and a movable awning system.Discover more facts about fence at

DIY Patio Covers Installing patio covers is a fairly simple process, but you do need to follow the instructions carefully. Some people decide to leave the installation to a professional and pay a pretty penny for their purchase. Installing wood patio covers in your yard is the cheapest way to get your hands on a beautiful patio cover. However, you have to keep in mind that not all types of wood are created equal. Some are extremely durable, but others are not as durable and will require replacement after only a few years. You have to weigh the cost and durability versus the amount of time you plan on putting it to good use. Be sure to see page here!

Low-maintenance aluminum is the lowest-priced option for patio covers. Aluminum will last you a long time, even with regular use, and is available in a number of different colors. This is a great way to provide some protection from the elements while still getting the look you want. It does require some upkeep though, such as regular cleaning, so you have to budget accordingly.

Metal and aluminum patio cover provide the highest level of protection from the elements for your outdoor space. They work best when they are installed along with wrought iron awnings or other high quality fabric awnings. Fabric awnings work best for those that want extra protection from rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. They also allow sunlight to stream through the yard and provide a cooler atmosphere. Start now!